Life Skills

I help people like you to develop the skills you need to be better at managing the messy part of life … interpersonal relating and dealing with disagreements.


If you have a dispute with someone and don’t know how to resolve it Mediation may be a better answer than running off to court. Mediation is less adversarial, less expensive and quicker.


Whether you want to become a dispute resolution professional or just want to be better at dealing with conflict situations. There is training available.


If you have ingrained bad habits you want to change or feel that personalized support is going to be better than just doing a course. I can help you with the change process.

Joanne is a passionate, skilled and professional advocate and leader in Dispute and Conflict Resolution. Joanne has a vast clientele as well as supports mentors and trains students and FDRP in all areas and methods of practical innovative professional types of Mediation to support individual needs and concerns that might not always be offered in the usual scope of practice. Joanne is a huge inspiration to me and many others alike with a ‘can do’ approach.


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Email is best as I am often in client meetings or training.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I am able. Please let me know what you would like to talk with me about.