Coaching Services

Coaching is a form of individualised learning about your personal barriers and interpersonal skills that takes place once you set a goal for what you want to achieve.

It's your life. Live it. Love it.


Just Life Coaching

No boundaries - life, business, relationship or ... If you need to establish and pursue goals for improvement in any or all areas of your life. I've got the skills to help you.

Interpersonal communication

Is how you interact with others holding you back?

One on one sessions

Is privacy and confidentiality imporatnt to you?

Active listening

Sometimes having someone who knows how to listen and ask you the tough questions can really help. Know what I mean?

exploratory sessions

Growth is all about stretching your comfort zone and making sure that we are a good fit to work together is critical in doing that safely.

About Coaching

Coaching is a form of personalised learning with an qualified and experience coach you can rapidly improve on what you are doing to create the life you want.

Your coach may be your teacher at times.  Sometimes your sounding board. Sometimes your taskmaster. Sometimes a devils advocate. Sometimes you biggest fan.

In fact, a good coach will be what you need, when you need them to be.

What Others say

Always calm, collected and knowledgable. She brings insight, wisdom and patience to bear on practically everything I've seen her involved in.
Joanne has a vast clientele as well as supports mentors and trains students and FDRP in all areas and methods of practical innovative professional types of Mediation to support individual needs and concerns that might not always be offered in the usual scope of practice. Joanne is a huge inspiration to me and many others alike with a ‘can do’ approach.
Too often, accreditation can be focussed on undertaking the minimum to "tick the boxes". I love the fact that Joanne & MI care about providing whatever it takes to prepare mediators to help their clients, to be ethical in everything they do, and to lift the professional standing and quality of the sector.
Jo has expert business knowledge and experience as well as top coaching skills which make her a great asset to any business.

I just use my name for my business because coaching is all about being the best version of you that you can be.