I help to prevent entrenched conflict by helping you to improve your Interpersonal Skills and by providing Dispute Resolution services.

Because being stuck in conflict is bad for humans.

I provide coaching and dispute resolution services to help you to resolve business, professional and interpersonal issues.

Joanne Law

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Mediation Institute

At Mediation Institute my team and I train dispute resolution skills to professionals and those who want to become qualified and accredited as dispute resolution professionals.

We value modern, flexible, accessible training using eLearning and live video meetings for professional conversations and role plays for skills development.  I mentor new entrants to the industry through co-mediation and “phone a friend” support.

At Interact Support Inc. my team and I support people to resolve disputes before they turn into conflict and to navigate conflict to come out the other side with a resolution.  Whether a dispute is with your neighbour, a friend, your partner or parent there is help available to resolve the dispute.

IInteract Support was founded because sometimes peace needs a helping hand.


TEDx Curator - Providing a Stage for Ideas that matter

At TEDxCasey I’ve worked with a team of local volunteers I help to spread ideas that matter as a Curator, Sponsor and Audience Experience team leader.

LinkedIn Local - Facilitating In Real Life Connections

I helped to found and continue to support the team at LinkedInLocal Casey in their valuable work of helping people connect offline in their local communities.  I love the digital world and recognise the need to balance it with real world connections. 

Good Things Foundation

Good Things Foundation - Helping older Australians to bridge the Digital Divide

I support the work of the Australian Government and the Good Things Foundation to help older Australians to Get Online and enjoy the benefits of the digital revolution.

Spreadable Ideas Logo

Spreading Ideas that Matter

Spreadable Ideas is a not-for-profit that is the corporate identity for our TEDx and LinkedIn Local events and related training. We work to help connect offline in their local communities, share ideas that matter and learn skills for the 21st Century.  I love the digital world and recognise the need to balance it with real world connections. 

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Rebuild Powerfully
Just Life Coaching

Just Life Coaching

A coaching approach that recognises the complexity and interrelated nature of your life which offers a way to gain clarity and develop an implementable plan to achieve what you really want out of your life.

It might be just life but it is the only one you have (as far as we know) so why not make it everything you want it to be?

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What I am passionate about

I think that these things really matter

Respectful Relationships

My mission is to prevent family violence and workplace abuse. I want everyone to enjoy the peace of respectful relationships, help people to build their social skills so that their lives are not tarnished or cut short by loneliness or violence. I want to help make sure that children have the right environments to grow to their full potential.

Ideas that matter

I believe that we can come up with ways to improve how we live together as a human family and share our planets resources. That we can overcome the legacy of the past and build a future that is based on collaboration not competition.

Digital Competency

We have passed the start of the next global revolution - the information age. As a member of the generations that are at risk of being left behind I think it is important to help other people to keep up with changes brought by the digital revolution.


Others say?

I highly recommend training with Mediation Institute & membership with MI for professional practice. Joanne & the coaches are very professional, passionate & provide very flexible schedules on-line to complete your studies. I found it much more efficient & connected than face to face learning! I have made some great connections. Thank you
Angela Franklin
Consultant Disability Services, NMAS Mediator and FGC Facilitator at AF Consultancy and Support Services, NSW. 2018
Joanne is a passionate, skilled and professional advocate and leader in Dispute and Conflict Resolution. Joanne has a vast clientele as well as supports mentors and trains students and FDRP in all areas and methods of practical innovative professional types of Mediation to support individual needs and concerns that might not always be offered in the usual scope of practice. Joanne is a huge inspiration to me and many others alike with a ‘can do’ approach.
Too often, accreditation can be focussed on undertaking the minimum to "tick the boxes". I love the fact that Joanne & MI care about providing whatever it takes to prepare mediators to help their clients, to be ethical in everything they do, and to lift the professional standing and quality of the sector.

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